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Immediate openings:

Lowest Commissions and Highest Salaries in the industry are not just a claim, but a GUARANTEE

We are the most competitive agency in our field. Our commissions have been as low as HALF those of other agencies – or even lower. The bottom line: we charge an amount that is FAIR, and our musicians are HAPPY with our rates and service. Want proof?

No Up-Front Fees

We don't get paid until you get paid. Ever.

We're a business run by MUSICIANS, not FORMER musicians.

This enables us to constantly bring fresh ideas to the table, and literally puts us in your shoes. We’ll make sure you're happy; we've been there. We ARE there.

Personal, Friendly service

We’ll make absolute sure you’re on the gig that suits you individually, because we will get to know you well - musically AND personally - before we hire you.

Enough information to give you a migraine.

Many of our competitors feel it's OK to skip this part of the equation, but we will always make sure you are OVER informed, if anything, before you commit to a gig – that's our job. And if we leave something out, we are always reachable. In fact, odd hours are our specialty.

We are a Lansing, MI - based entertainment agency, run by former cruise ship musicians, which specializes in the development and placement of showband musicians and bands for 5 major American cruise lines. Nearly all our dealings are conducted over the web, and we hire musicians and bands from all over the world. Currently and in the past, we have secured employment for over 60 musicians from the US, Canada, Ukraine, Australia, and the UK. We are continuously growing, and we hope to soon become the industry's leader for providing top-notch musicians and ensembles to our clients. Our staff consists of some of Michigan's finest musicians, and we are not only extremely tied into the national and international music scenes as a result, but we also maintain active performing schedules ourselves. This allows us to constantly hone our crafts, and be better able to mold and coach our musicians using personal experience, so that they can consistently perform to the high standard necessary within the cruise ship business. There are few instances in which a musician can be a full-time employee in todays society. Our mission is to provide our clients with such talented performers, that passengers will soon begin returning to cruise ships specifically to be able to witness the high level of talent found in the onboard musical acts. We feel this will help to preserve this amazing career field for our artists, even in the event of budget cutbacks or similar scenarios which have threatened this type of work in the past. Being musicians ourselves, while we understand the importance of maintaining an excellent relationship with the cruise lines, we're ALWAYS on the side of the musicians. M One Studios boasts the lowest commission rates in the entire industry. In some instances, by a long shot! We also encourage and reward loyal musicians by continuously striving for higher salaries, offering declining commission rates, and giving bonuses for stellar end-of-contract evaluations. We also try our best to cater to the schedules and preferences of our auditioners - so much so that we actually work backwards compared to most agencies. Instead of having starting with a spot that needs to be filled, then finding a musician (with no attention placed on the musician's personal interests or talents), we first audition and interview the musician, and THEN we do our best to secure a gig that they will be happy with. The quality of our musicians and musical acts will be the ultimate factor in determining our success as an agency. It will also dictate the stability of these steady income providing jobs for our artists. And while we expect our musicians to provide top-quality performances while on board our magnificent sailing venues, we also strive to provide only the most excellent service for our musicians and clients. Hunter S. Thompson said: "The Music Business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side." Although those implications are spot on in some instances, the M One Studios team will continue to take the high road in this industry, ensuring integrity and personal service to all of our musicians. If our artists are not happy with their gig, we're not happy. But it is our hope that we can work with you soon, and help guide you towards the achievement of all your goals, musical and otherwise! Working on a cruise ship is not your typical job, by any stretch of the imagination. With most jobs, you have the luxury of returning home after work every day- this is not so on a cruise ship. You are actually living with your fellow employees. This calls for flexibility, an open mind, and a positive attitude. Many of your co-workers are from different parts of the world than yourself, possessing a cultural background that differs greatly from your own - be respectful of that. As a musician onboard a cruise ship, you will have privileges that some other crew members will not. At the same time, however, you are by no means at the top of the totem pole; you will have several superiors to whom you must show respect at all times, and whose rules you are obligated to follow. In order for you to have an idea of the chain of command, see below: Captain (master of the ship) Staff Captain (in charge of all employees on board) Hotel Manager (oversees all guest services) Chief Purser (director of passenger relations) Cruise Director (responsible for all on-board entertainment) Guest Entertainers (performers booked as headline acts who may have more privileges) Musical Director (in charge of all musicians) YOU (showband musicians, atrium musicians, lounge bands) Ship officers often times come from a training background that cultivates a very brash and to-the-point disposition. You should always show officers respect, and be sure not to get on their bad side. But generally, as long as you are sociable with them, and follow all the rules, they will be friendly. As an employee of any cruise line, you will be fully covered onboard throughout the length of your contract for all medical treatment. This is the main reason why youre required to take a physical exam (usually at your own expense) prior to joining a ship. If you are interested in auditioning, but have a health-related issue you fear may prevent you from passing a rigorous medical examination, let us know and we will do our best to answer your questions. You are also provided benefits as a crewmember, some of which may include: free/discount cruise rates for family and friends, free/discount passenger tours while the ship is in port, or you may even be eligible for cheap health insurance premiums while between ships. These benefits vary from one cruise line to another, and sometimes do not come into effect until you have been employed by your company for several months. All musicians need valid passports which must be good through the end of their contract. You will not have the option of renewing while on board, as youre required to hand over your passport to the crew office on your first day. It will be replaced by a company-issued picture ID which youll use to get on and off the ship. When you sign onto a ship for the first time, you may be slightly disenchanted by the size of your cabin. What, were you were expecting a Jacuzzi and your own basketball court?! Living space is very valuable, despite the size of these majestic sailing vessels. Many ships need to squeeze in as many as 1,500 crew members, and sometimes up to 3,500 passengers! Consequently, you must always stay clean and organized, respect the needs and habits of your roommate (who will usually be another musician), and always utilize all storage space providedyou will need it. Internet and phone cards are available to crew members for very low prices. Phone cards usually run $10 for 60 minutes of calling to the U.S., and you can call anytime from your cabin. The internet cafes on board usually range from 6-12 cents a minute. You also have access to a crew workout facility, and sometimes the passenger gym as well. Be prepared to give priority to passengers while using the workout facilities, especially if they are particularly crowded. Most cruise lines pay by cash on board, every two weeks. You sometimes have the option of having your salary direct-deposited into your bank account, or by being paid by check if you so choose. When you sign on your ship, you will be given a copy of the vessels rules and regulations, or your cabin will be equipped with one. READ THESE IN FULL, and make sure you adhere to them! If you make sure to do as youre instructed, you will have a substantially more positive experience while on-board and eliminate a great deal of unnecessary stress. Throughout your first couple of weeks, you will attend mandatory seminars which will cover all these rules, so youll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions should you be unclear on anything.