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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions. This list is updated periodically as we receive feedback from our clients.

If your question isn't answered below, please contact us.

We cannot make any guarantees, but it can't hurt to submit your resume and promotional materials. In some instances, we may be able to pass along your information to someone else who IS seeking a performer like yourself. There is no need to follow up with us repeatedly, however.

In general, you're best off contacting us 2-4 months before you'd like to work. That being said, we have auditioned, hired, and sent out musicians in as little as 1 or 2 days in emergency situations, and we have also booked a year or more in advance. However, shoot for 2-4 months and you should be fine.

Yes, you'll have access to several crew laundry facilities which you may use free of charge. You only need to purchase detergent. There are also dry cleaning facilities aboard most cruise ships for a charge.

We do most of our business with 6 cruise lines: Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Cunard, Holland America, and Celebrity. Each of those cruise lines has anywhere between 15 - 30 ships. Your answer: A LOT!

We charge nothing except for your commission payment to M One Studios, which is a small percentage of your salary AFTER you've already been hired and paid on board. We don't get paid until you get paid! That being said, every cruise line requires shipboard employees to pass a physical exam before boarding a ship; this exam IS to be paid by the employee.

YES. You will be traveling to several different countries and into international waters on a cruise ship, so valid passport is required. It must be valid throughout the entirety of your contract.

Entertainers have only one job, and that is to entertain. ALL employees on a cruise ship do have a responsibility in the event of an emergency, however, but this only requires a (very painless) boat drill once or twice per week which takes an hour at most. Generally, an entertainment staff member's duty would be to instruct passengers on how to get to their Muster Station (emergency assembly area).

Unfortunately we can't flex much on this. There are 2 major reasons why contract lengths are 3-6 months:

1. Since the cruise lines pay for all travel for entertainers, it makes no sense economically for them to fly out new musicians every week, or even every month for that matter.

2. For a new hire, there is so much busy work (forms to be filled out, and a costly physical exam) involved for a first contract, it's not nearly worth it for a couple of weeks. Sometimes the cost of the physical is more than a musician would make in a week! In the event the cruise lines do get in a pinch, and need someone to fill in for a couple of weeks, it will almost always happen at the very last minute. And when it does happen, they will always call someone who's previously worked for the company, since there is minimal paperwork to complete.

"I've now worked a couple of contracts with M One Studios - they've kept me very informed about a variety of gigs with a few different companies. I'm now putting my own group together for ships, and hope to be working with M One again soon in this capacity."