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House Band Musicians

M One Studios is seeking individual instrumentalists for cruise ship house bands. Excellent sight reading skills, versatility, and 3-6 month commitments are required.

If you’re a good reader and proficient on your instrument, showband gigs tend to be quite abundant. Since we work with so many cruise lines, we’ve got several gigs per month. It’s usually best to contact us 2-3 months before you’re looking to work, as that’s the average turnaround time for new hires to complete paperwork, get required documentation (mainly for non – US citizens), and complete a pre-employment physical. 4-6 month contracts are a must for new hires. Only in the event that we have an emergency can we hire someone for a shorter contract, and because of all the paperwork and processing for new hires, we’ll always opt for a musician who’s already worked for us. If you audition with us and are turned away, don’t give up – we will always give you another shot at an audition. Generally, we’ll request a time frame – for example, 1 month – but if you feel you’re ready before that time, don’t be afraid to call us again.We’ll also try to be as specific as possible with your downfalls. If you are hired, remember that working on a cruise ship demands not only good musicality, but all-around professionalism and a good attitude.

"M One Studios worked hard to get my girlfriend and me on the same ship, and the salary they offered me was considerably higher than what I had been making working for another cruise line."