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"M One Studios has been great. They were a lot cooler than the other agencies I talked to!! I really loved my last contract. Europe was amazing, and I got along with everyone really well. Working on ships gave me a chance to improve my all around musicianship quite a lot, and I'm planning on doing this for awhile!"
Key West, FL
When I'm not on tour on land, I rely on M-One to get me working!
Chicago, IL
"M One Studios offered me an incredible contract going to the Mediterranean, and paying good money. They made quite an effort to find a gig that was going to challenge me musically, and I really appreciate that. Glad to have worked with them."
Los Angeles, CA
I never expected that my instrument would bring me to the seven seas, but nonetheless, I'm here! So far, I've really enjoyed my time here, made a lot of new friends, and seen some places I'd never seen before. I've worked for 2 different companies through M One so far. It has been an IMMENSE help having them in my corner. I've had a fantastic experience with M One, and I plan to keep using them as long as I work on ships, for sure!
Las Vegas, NV
"The experience of a lifetime; travel the world, play music and get paid to do it, can't really ask for much more! And M One really helped me out a lot, finding the right ship/cruise line for me to work for. Very informative, friendly, highest salary, very flexible, I will always work with M One as my cruise ship agent."
San Francisco, CA
"It's a great way to see the world for free while making money doing what you love."
Salt Lake City, UT
"Hello Everyone! My name is Tony Mhoon and I am very thankful for M One Studios giving me the opportunity to travel the WORLD. I have worked with great musicians from everywhere, I've seen places and people that most people just dream about, my musical chops have improved and I've made some great friends. In January it gets pretty cold in Chicago, but lucky for me I was in Australia in January 08 where the average temp was around 75-80 degrees and this coming winter season I will be in Tahiti. Come join us and get PAID, have some fun and see the WORLD!"
Chicago, IL
"I've had a great experience working with M One - very personable, and they got me a gig that paid better than where I'd be working previously, and also had more privileges for musicians."
Meridan, CT
"...I've had a great experience working with M One Studios - Thank you!"
South Africa
"M One Studios worked hard to get my girlfriend and me on the same ship, and the salary they offered me was considerably higher than what I had been making working for another cruise line."
North Carolina, USA
"I've now worked a couple of contracts with M One Studios - they've kept me very informed about a variety of gigs with a few different companies. I'm now putting my own group together for ships, and hope to be working with M One again soon in this capacity."
Denver, CO
"Unbelieveable. The New Deal has been on a Princess ship for a couple of months now, and our gig is SO MUCH fun that I can't thank M One Studios enough. We were playing in bars on the weekends, lucky to make $80 in a night since we're a 6 we're working every night and making great money. Thanks guys.
Detroit, MI
"M One Studios has made sure to answer my questions, and to help me obtain all the necessary paperwork required to work for an American company. I can't wait for my contract which will be taking me all over the world."
Amsterdam, NL
"...the band is great...Honestly, this is the best big band that I have played with...The jazz combo gigs are wild. its like Elvin Jones, Pattitucci, John Coltrane, and Art Tatum on the gig. Amazing talent...I like the sight reading experience. It's the real deal."
Talahassee, FL

"...I've had a great experience working with M One Studios - Thank you!"